Humans verbalizing stories to each other is an older communications vehicle than the written word. The newest way to relate stories is the podcast, a thriving method of storytelling capturing the attention of listeners eager to tune into some of the estimated two million podcasts.

Jo Ann Allen speaks while (l-r) Gay Porter DeNilson, Pam Moore and Denise Gliwa listen.

Three enthusiastic podcasters equipped with mechanisms to podcast from their homes and mobile offices gave an overview of their interest in podcasting at the annual spring meeting of Colorado Press Women.

“Podcasting speaks to how people want to hear stories, and everyone can tell them,” Pam Moore said.

Moore, a writer and women’s health and fitness expert, started Real Fit to continue the discussion with fellow female athletes and trainers about their common interests. She’s interviewed elite triathlete Jennifer Harrison; coach, writer and activist Jena Schwartz; and Rona Kilmer, multi-sport athlete and sexual assault survivor, among others.

Jo Ann Allen started her podcast Been There, Done That as a natural progression from her work in radio broadcasting. She has podcasted for three years and explains there are videos that teach how to podcast.

“If you know someone younger, work with them,” Allen said when asked how to start podcasting. “Don’t let the mechanisms deter you.”

Been There, Done That, focuses on individual conversations with Baby Boomers about their lives. Recent guests include award-winning journalist and author Maria Hinojosa, retired firefighter Laura (last name withheld), and Democracy Now! radio host Amy Goodman.

Gliwa adds a point as Moore prepares to talk.

Denise Gorant Gliwa has a broad range of communications and marketing experiences and introduced her podcast in 2021.

“I’ve been listening to podcasts since before people even knew about podcasts. I make a list of topics and do research on those topics.”

Gliwa hosts Bite Your Tongue with her friend Dr. Ellen Braaten. The podcast features advice from a variety of experts about how to parent adult children. Recent episodes include how to relate to a daughter-in-law, addressing finances and mothering difficult children.

The panel was moderated by CPW member Gay Porter DeNileon, an avid podcast listener and writer.

Watch the entire panel discussion on CPW’s YouTube channel:

Written by Sharon Almirall
Photos by Ann Lockhart