Names in bold had entries in the national competition, and their placement (if any) is shown at the end of the line.

  • Emily Anderson, Rocky Mountain High School, 2nd, Editorial, “Cost of college causes concern for Colorado”
    2nd, Feature Story, “Make Way for the 5K”
    1st, News Story, “Marking the Spot of Lost Innocence” — national: honorable mention
    2nd, Single-page Layout, “Marking the Spot of Lost Innocence Lost”
  • Chris Barry, Kent Denver School, 1st, Editorial, “Advocate Editorial: Could It Happen To Us?”
  • Stephanie Bennett, Pine Creek High School, 3rd, Environment, “Palm Oil Crisis”
    3rd, Video Sports Story, “First 5A State Soccer Win for Pine Creek High School”
    3rd, Video Web News Story, “Ski Safety”
  • Blaine Brophy, Kent Denver, 2nd, Cartooning, “Graphic Views: Syria”
  • Paige Closson, Fossil Ridge High School, 2nd, Opinion, “Sustainable Whaling, Are the Faroese really that wrong?”
  • Wesley Dencker, Kent Denver, News Story, 3rd (tie), “Duncan Center, Athletic Field Enhance Kent Denver”
  • Miriam Fields, Rocky Mountain, 2nd (tie), Columns, “I didn’t like it so I didn’t put a ring on it; Carrying the legacy of those lost to suicide”
    3rd, Single-page Layout, “Lobos helping lobos”
  • Logan Graham, Durango High School, 1st, Columns, “Editor Faces Struggle of Mostly Female Staff; A Season Not to Forget”
  • Carolyn Jaschke, Kent Denver, 1st, Opinion, “Now Dancer, Now Prancer and Fighter Jets?” — national: honorable mention
  • Abbey Lew, East High School, 1st, Feature Story, “A Lesson in Altruism: East PE Teacher Plans to Donote Life-Saving Kidney to Student”
    2nd, News Story, “We Are Stronger than Ever: Family and friends of Arapahoe shooting victim speak of forgiveness”
  • Grace Rainaldi, Kent Denver, 2nd, Review, Passport to Paris Takes You Back In Time
  • Mark Siegel, Kent Denver, Honorable Mention, News Story, “Coach Yates To Be Inducted Into Hall Of Fame”
    3rd, Sports Story, “Champion of the Year: Lauren Abruzzo”
  • Harry Todd, Kent Denver, 2nd (tie), Columns, “Harry’s Happy Hour”
  • Megan Troutman, Rocky Mountain, 3rd (tie), Columns, “PACER Problems; Armadillos and more: the five people you’ll meet in a haunted corn maze”
    3rd, Feature Story, “Aspiring firefighters attend Poudre Fire Authority camp”
    3rd (tie), News Story, “Alumna dies in small aircraft accident”
    3rd, Review, “Cocoa in FOCO (review of the chocolate café)”
    1st, Single-page Layout, “The Music Man Graduates with Seniors” — national: 3rd
    Honorable Mention, Sports Story, “PSD FIRE provides new, fun experience”
  • Madeline Zann, Rocky Mountain, 3rd (tie), Columns, “College conundrums; No rest for weary high school students”
    1st, Review, “Shatterproof strikes Again”
    1st, Sports Story, “Marco Millionaire” — national: honorable mention

CPW extends a special thanks to advisers from Rocky Mountain High School and Kent Denver School for being actively involved in helping their students enter the contest:
Stephen Wahlfeldt, Rocky Mountain Highlighter, Rocky Mountain High School
Lesley Brophy, Sun Devils’ Advocate, Kent Denver School