May 2014

2014 CPW High School Communications Contest Awards

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Names in bold had entries in the national competition, and their placement (if any) is shown at the end of the line. Emily Anderson, Rocky Mountain High School, 2nd, Editorial, "Cost of college causes concern for Colorado" 2nd, Feature Story, "Make Way for the 5K" 1st, News Story, "Marking the Spot of Lost Innocence" — national: [...]

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July 2013

Mary Alice Parmelee, 2013 Winner

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An editorial innovator, inspiring leader, patience of a saint, the most ethical person I know, walks her talk, a big heart, extraordinary sense of humor. This is how colleagues and friends describe Mary Alice Parmelee, Colorado Press Women's 2013 Communicator of Achievement. The award, given annually, recognizes a member who exemplifies professional achievement, community service and [...]

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June 2013

2013 CPW Scholarships

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Lee Ridley CPW has awarded a $1,000 scholarship in 2013 to Lee Ridley, a senior at Metropolitan State University in Denver. She carries a straight-A average with a major of social and mobile media journalism. As a nontraditional student, she has returned to college to pursue a second bachelor's degree and seek a career [...]

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July 2012

Gay Porter DeNileon, 2012 Winner

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We all know what two molecules of hydrogen and one of oxygen make. For Colorado's 2012 Communicator of Achievement Gay Porter DeNileon, H2O has made the main ingredient in her successful career. Graduating from the University of Colorado Boulder with a bachelor's degree in journalism, Gay landed a dream job that involved H2O in all its [...]

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June 2012

2012 CPW Scholarships

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With 13 outstanding applicants for college scholarships in 2012, CPW decided to grant two awards. First-place winner, Avalon Jacka, received $1,000, and second-place winner, Kaitlyn Schlicht, received $500.   Avalon Jacka Avalon Jacka, a Colorado native, has completed her junior year at the University of Colorado. She is majoring in news-editorial journalism with a [...]

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July 2011

Teresa Ford, 2011 Winner

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When Teresa Ford completed her bachelor's degree in social science from Colorado State University she had absolutely no idea where to go with it. Puzzling over her future, the young graduate got advice from her husband of less than a year that reoriented her life and set her on an exciting, successful and fulfilling career path. [...]

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2011 CPW Scholarship

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Aliese Willard Aliese Willard, entering her junior year in 2011 at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, has been awarded Colorado Press Women’s 2011 scholarship. Barbara Gigone, scholarship chair, said CPW board members chose Aliese for the $500 award for her educational background in journalism, high grades and her impressive community service record and [...]

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May 2011

2011 CPW High School Communications Contest Awards

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Tess Halac, Rocky Mountain, 1st, Single-Page Layout, Front Page, Jan. 21, 2011 Cassa Niedringhaus, Rocky Mountain, 2nd, Single-Page Layout, "Day of Recognition" Joanie Lyons, Mountain Vista, 3rd, Single-Page Layout, "Perfect Act" Macy Morgan & Jack Reeves, Mountain Vista, 1st, Double-Truck Layout, "The Life After High School" Ricki Watkins, Montrose, 2nd, Double-Truck Layout, "I'm Stressing Out!" Macy [...]

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July 2010

Ann Lockhart, 2010 Winner for Colorado and National Runnerup

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Name a major public health issue that made state or national headlines from the 1970s through the 1990s, and Colorado Press Women's Communicator of Achievement likely was in the midst of the brouhaha. During her 12 years as a spokeswoman for the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment - and nearly 12 more years in [...]

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June 2010

2010 CPW Scholarships

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Colorado Press Women has awarded two scholarships to deserving young journalists. Recipients for 2010 are Leah Millis, photo editor at The Metropolitan, the student newspaper for Metro State College in Denver, and Katherine Schultz, Mesa State College in Grand Junction. Undergraduate students majoring in journalism or mass communications at a Colorado university or college are eligible [...]

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