Communicator of Achievement

Teresa Ford, 2011 Winner

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When Teresa Ford completed her bachelor's degree in social science from Colorado State University she had absolutely no idea where to go with it. Puzzling over her future, the young graduate got advice from her husband of less than a year that reoriented her life and set her on an exciting, successful and fulfilling career path. [...]

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Ann Lockhart, 2010 Winner for Colorado and National Runnerup

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Name a major public health issue that made state or national headlines from the 1970s through the 1990s, and Colorado Press Women's Communicator of Achievement likely was in the midst of the brouhaha. During her 12 years as a spokeswoman for the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment - and nearly 12 more years in [...]

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Lee Anne Peck, 2009 Winner

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"Honey, don't go into journalism. Take your talents as an artist and go work for Hallmark." This was not an off-hand remark from a casual acquaintance to Lee Anne Peck, Colorado Press Women's 2009 Communicator of Achievement. This was advice from Helen Benedict, Lee Anne Peck's beloved grandmother and a pioneering female journalist at Iowa's Sioux [...]

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Judi Buehrer, 2008 Winner and National Runnerup

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As a child, she loved to read about intrepid gal reporter “Brenda Starr” in the comic pages. In high school, she authored a weekly gossip column, “Jabbers by Judi.” As an adult, she’s covered events ranging from county commission meetings to a coup in Russia. With stellar professional credentials and an outstanding record of service to [...]

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Marilyn Saltzman, 2007 Winner

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Marilyn Saltzman, APR, worked for Jeffco Public Schools, the largest school district in Colorado, for 20 years. Her job included media relations, crisis communications, internal and external public relations and publications. Her publications and programs received numerous state and national awards. She managed media and internal relations during the Columbine crisis and is currently consulting on [...]

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Joyce Davis, 2006 Winner

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Colorado Press Women has selected Fort Collins journalist Joyce Davis as the 2006 Communicator of Achievement. Davis, assistant city editor at The Coloradoan, exemplifies outstanding professional achievement, as witnessed by her collection of award-winning stories in contests sponsored by CPW, the National Federation of Press Women, Society of Professional Journalists and the Colorado Press Association. Davis [...]

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