Colorado Press Women’s entrants continue to make a great showing at the NFPW professional communications contest. All six of them brought home awards! NREL’s Karen Petersen and two teammates new to CPW brought home one first-place win and two third-places. New member Elizabeth Paulson of Ouray impressed judges for a first place for her book of poetry.

Nearly 300 professional communicators earned honors during the celebration at the 2022 NFPW Conference in Fargo, ND on June 25, 2022. More than 2,000 entries were submitted in this year’s contest. Winners in the contest first competed in contests within their state or in an at-large contest for states without contests. First-place winners in these contests advanced to the national contest.

Here are CPW’s national winners (Click here to see NFPW’s full list of winners):

  • Karen Petersen and Liz Craig*,  First Place – Website, Nonprofit, government or educational
  • Karen Petersen, Third Place – Blog, Nonprofit, government or educational
  • Karen Petersen and Kim Van Becalaere,  Third Place — Publications Regularly Written by Entrant, Newsletter/other publication, non-profit, government or educational
  • Elizabeth Paulson, of Ouray, First Place — Creative Verse, Book of poetry
  • Donna Bryson, Second Place — Specialty Articles Green/environmental
  • Kathleen Spring, of Lyons, Third Place — Single Page, Section or Supplement Edited by Entrant, Newspaper
    Honorable Mention — Photo Essay


*Joelynn Schroeder also worked on the website team that won a first place in the At-Large Contest, but she opted not to join NFPW and therefore wasn’t recognized as a winner in the national NFPW contest.