Tess Halac, Rocky Mountain, 1st, Single-Page Layout, Front Page, Jan. 21, 2011
Cassa Niedringhaus, Rocky Mountain, 2nd, Single-Page Layout, “Day of Recognition”
Joanie Lyons, Mountain Vista, 3rd, Single-Page Layout, “Perfect Act”

Macy Morgan & Jack Reeves, Mountain Vista, 1st, Double-Truck Layout, “The Life After High School”
Ricki Watkins, Montrose, 2nd, Double-Truck Layout, “I’m Stressing Out!”
Macy Morgan, Mountain Vista, 3rd, Double-Truck Layout, “Celebrating Hinduism/Pride in Greek Orthodox Traditions”

Janet Chen, Fairview, 1st, Opinion Overcompensation for Underachievement
Emma Miller, Kent Denver School, 2nd, Opinion, “Breaking Up is Hard to Do”
Emily Lane, Kent Denver School, 3rd (tie), Opinion, “Bogue Wars”
Tess Halac, Rocky Mountain, 3rd (tie), Opinion, “A Natural (or Nurturing) Debate”
Connor Morgan, Kent Denver School, Honorable Mention, Opinion, “Restoring Honor”

Ramsey Nicholas, Rocky Mountain, 3rd, Editorial, “A New Perspective on Wellness”

Elinor Itin, Kent Denver School, 1st, Environment, “Balance of an Effective Policy Needed”
Elinor Itin, Kent Denver School, 2nd, Environment, “LEED Platinum, Good as Gold”
Ricki Watkins, Montrose, 3rd, Environment, “Planet Earth”

Sarah Hall, Montrose, 1st, Feature Photo, Cover Photo, “February 2011”
McKinnley Witty, Salida, 2nd, Feature Photo, “Science #2”
Haleigh Jacobson, Grand Junction, 3rd, Feature Photo, “Graduation #2”

McKinnley Witty, Salida, 1st, Sports Photo, “Wrestling Match”
Emily Bernier, Montrose, 2nd, Sports Photo, “Finishing Strong”
Fahey Zink, Rocky Mountain, 3rd, Sports Photo, “STUFFED”
Ryan Nelson, Rocky Mountain, Honorable Mention, Sports Photo, “Sitcky Situation”

Chelsea Shettler, Grand Junction, 1st, Cartooning, “A Few Modest Proposals”
Chelsea Shettler, Grand Junction, 2nd, Cartooning, “Class of 2011’s Senior Best Awards”
Imalay Vega, Montrose, 3rd, Cartooning, “Give Support”
Blaine Brophy, Kent Denver School, Honorable Mention, “Cartooning Government for Sale”

Tess Halac, Rocky Mountain, 2nd (tie), Columns, “A Day of Cheer”
Dylan DeJulio, Montrose, 2nd (tie), Columns, “Parent-less Practice Makes Practice”
Tess Halac, Rocky Mountain, 3rd, Columns, “Adopt-A-Family about Spirit”
Ramsey Nicholas, Rocky Mountain, Honorable Mention, Columns, “Un-Thinspired”

Mary Willson, Rocky Mountain, 1st, Graphics, “The Anatomy of a Trend”
Haleigh Jacobson, Grand Junction, 2nd, Graphics, “Tennis Cover Design”
Kaleigh Bell, Grand Junction, 3rd, Graphics, “Evolution of Fashion”

Emerald O’Brien, Arapahoe, 1st, News, “Drug War Hits Close to Home for AHS Senior”
Joe Nunez, Montrose, 2nd, News, “Fishermen Attempt to Dance Backward After Oil Spill”
Chloe Evans, Rocky Mountain, 3rd, News, Hair Today, “Gone Tomorrow”
Cassa Niedringhaus, Rocky Mountain, Honorable Mention, News, “Day of Recognition: Veterans Day honors those who served”

Alex Wissmann, Kent Denver School, 2nd, Reviews, ” ‘Tron’ Provides a Lackluster Legacy”
Alexandra Kaewert, Kent Denver School, 3rd, (tie) double-bylined, Reviews, ” ‘Easy A’ Earns an A+”
Sophia Matuszewicz, Kent Denver School, 3rd, (tie) double-bylined Reviews, ” ‘Easy A’ Earns an A+”

Nicole Arja, Grand Junction, 1st, Sports, “State Punts Decision into October”
Tess Halac, Rocky Mountain, 2nd, Sports, “Female Hunters Take Interest in Male-Dominated Sport”
Melanie Archipley, Arapahoe, 3rd, Sports, “Boys Basketball Team Shoots for State Championship”
Nicole Arja, Grand Junction, Honorable Mention, Sports, “Just Dance, It’ll be OK”

Cassa Niedringhaus, Rocky Mountain, 1st, Features, “From Bottom to Top: Parent Davidson Inspires”
Kimberley Bennett, Grand Junction, 2nd, Features, “Not Your Average Jo(nes)”
Dana Shellhorn, Montrose, 3rd, Features, “Tabasco Crew Shreds Spicy Jibs in Telluride”
Kimberley Bennett, Grand Junction, Honorable Mention, Features, “Learning to Live Again”

CPW 2011 Communications Contest Sweepstakes Winner
Rocky Mountain High School, Fort Collins
– Stephen Wahlfeldt, Adviser